Trailer of “The Leaker” First Time Show up on Erdong Pictures Conference

27 Feb 2018

The latest trailer and poster of “The Leaker” directed by Herman Yau shown up on the Erdong Conference for the first time on 19 Mar 2018. Movie star Francis Ng plays a Hong Kong policeman in this movie. Julian Cheung plays the role of a Malaysian policeman, meanwhile, Charmaine Sheh plays a reporter. Ostar International…

Rene Liu’s First Show in Australia. Perfect Concerts in Sydney and Melbourne!

12 Apr 2017

The “Renext” World Tour hosted by Ostar International Entertainment in Australia wrapped up perfectly! In the two performances in Sydney and Melbourne, Rene Liu performed for over three hours for each show. More than 40 classic songs provided excitement to the fans and warmed up Australia’s night.“I would like to come here and hold a…