Production Support

For film and television teams filming in Australia, Ostar Entertainment can provide a full range of funds, personnel, technology and equipment support one-stop for you to solve various issues of filming overseas.

Cast & Crew

Whether it is a short film, MV, independent film or commercial video shooting, Ostar Entertainment can provide you with reliable technology and talents from our long and vast experience in the industry.


Equipment Rental

We can arrange or get you in touch with major Australian equipment rental and photographic equipment suppliers to ensure the effortless production of your film and television drama during your stay in Australia.

Digital and Post Production

Ostar Entertainment's professional team can also provide co-producing and post-production services for your work, including editing of special effects, application of digital media technologies, etc.

Legal & Visa Services

Ostar Entertainment has an extensive experience and knowledge in Working Visas and can resolve uncertainties for overseas trips.

Our reputation and long-term partnership with the Australian federal and state government film and television agencies can efficiently apply for various types of shooting permits and shooting assistance that suits you.

More Services

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