Dubbing and Distribution

Ostar Entertainment provides high-quality film and television translation, dubbing, subtitling, production and overseas film and television distribution services.

Ostar Entertainment is comprised of a team of talented and accomplished international professional translators for translation work. Localised translation methods are used to ensure the original content’s meaning are retained, minimising the loss of translation and effectively integrates the local language habits – a high quality, professional translation service.

Our multilingual dubbing service provides many outstanding international voice actors in all countries, has achieved national recognition in their own field of audio dubbing, we can provide customised cast service for different film and television drama, to meet different voice requirements, guaranteeing professional dubbing standards and quality.

Ostar Entertainment Translation Department reached a high degree of integration of software and hardware. At our disposal, we have the full media platform hardware suite: SONY non-linear editing machine, a full set of recording, editing, audio-visual system equipment, providing streaming media with subtitle dubbing (including SWF, FLV, etc.), that is, FLASH translation services, can provide customers with one-stop service from translation-dubbing-subtitling-video synthesis.

Ostar Entertainment is committed to the dissemination and promotion of outstanding Chinese film and television dramas. It provides film and TV drama overseas lending, marketing, advertising operations, media channel development, film and television drama shooting, production, market research, international collaboration, resource integration and local government approvals and allowances or grant applications, etc. At present, 12 countries’ government and film and TV industry resource networks have been integrated including Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea; laying a solid foundation for each film and television drama service overseas.

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